December 11-13, 2006

Budapest, Hungary
[József Zimányi (1931 - 2006)]
József Zimányi (1931 - 2006)



Dear Colleague,

We would like to invite you to participate in this school that aims to summarize the developments in 2006 in high energy heavy ion physics, with particular attention to the recent Quark Matter conference in China as well as new data emerging from the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) accelerator. This accelerator has been dedicated to collide intersecting beams of heavy ions in the search for a new state of matter called quark gluon plasma. Instead of a plasma, the 4 RHIC experiments reported the detection of a perfect fluid, which became the AIP Top Physics Story of 2005. Some of the more recent developments, aiming at determining the degrees of freedom in this liquid, and the possible relation to strongly coupled plasmas will be discussed at great details at our forthcoming school. Also we plan to discuss the characteristic signatures of a second order QCD phase transition and a cross-over quark-hadron transition. As usual, we plan to discuss in detail recent results and advances on correlations and fluctuations in high energy particle and heavy ion physics. Furthermore, we will discuss the preparation of the (Hungarian) heavy ion community for the forthcoming LHC accelerator and its experiments: 2006 is the last year before the onset of the LHC. Hungarian teams are preparing for participation in the ALICE, CMS and TOTEM experiments at LHC. Special colloqium will be delivered by professor Karsten Eggert, the Spokesman of the LHC experiment TOTEM.

Locations of the school: December 12, Tuesday, 2006 at the ELTE University, "Kari Tanácsterem" (to be confirmed) , 7th floor, Physics Building, Budapest XI, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/a. On December 11 Monday and December 13, Wednesday, the talks will be held at Tanácsterem, MTA KFKI RMKI, , or with other words, at the Auditorium of the Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Building III, 2nd floor,Konkoly-Thege M. u. 29-33, Budapest XII, Hungary.

Contributed talks: Participants are encouraged to present their recent results in brief contributed talks. Please e-mail us your name, institute, the title and a brief abstract of your contribution, if any.

Participation fee of 10000 HUF (about 40 EUR) will be charged to the participants. This covers the basic organization costs, the coffee breaks and contributes to the other expenses of the school. This school will be partially supported by Hungarian OTKA grants, by NEFIM, by the exchange programme of the Hungarian and Czech and Slovak Academies of Sciences, and by other international exchange programmes.

Housing: As a default, participants are expected to solve their housing in Budapest, and to cover their lunch expenses at the KFKI Cafeterias. Links to Budapest hotels are provided here. However, we have also reserved some hotel rooms in the nearby Hotel Normafa(****), that are available for a special price to our guests. (Note that our previous hotel, Hotel Sunlight, has been closed down, so the housing expenses are increased as compared to the expenses of the 2005 Winter School. ) If you are interested in this possibility, please e-mail the organizers.

Students are particularly encouraged to attend the school (and due to the generous sponsorship of European Physical Journal A, their fee will be waived).

Registration is requested by sending an e-mail to the organizer.

Looking forward to a stimulating and fruitful meeting,
T. Csörgö

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